President's Report

Good Morning Brothers & Sisters,

We have bargained late into Saturday night and the process continues, stress is very high and emotions are playing a greater role as the exchanges of proposals creates more questions than solutions.

There have been some spirited and animated exchanges that have taken place during these negotiations, but we think it’s good to have some of these exchanges – it kind of clears the air and this morning everything seems calm and all five locals are focused on the task at hand.  There is a lot of risk involved in these negotiations and everyone on both sides knows it.

The Company has made a proposal that includes wages, pension, health care as well as a couple of language issues still open.  The Union countered with a total proposal.  We are quite a bit apart on wages and we are significantly apart on a multitude of heath care issues especially surrounding how the law requires part-time employees who are working thirty (30) or more hours during a twelve (12) month look-back period, be provided coverage.

All five locals continue to work diligently to reach a final proposal. We know that the four Health Funds are all different with different levels of benefits and networks and insurance carriers.  The PPACA (better known as Obama Care) and its legal requirements as well as its legal restrictions are literally holding these negotiations hostage.

All of our professional people are here and we are working toward a settlement. The risks, challenges, and problems that the PPACA has created is that levels of health coverage and subsidies are determined by the individuals’ household income. 

Stay Strong, Stay United and continue to work and service your customers as you always do until you hear something different from all of us.

In Solidarity,

Dave Fleming,
President, Local 328
Tom Wilkinson,
President, Local 371
Mark Espinosa,
President, Local 919
Rick Charette,
President, Local 1445
  Dan Clifford,
President, Local 1459

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